Newsletter 12th January 2018

12th January 2018


Dear Parents/Guardians,



‘ The remarkable thing is , we have a choice every day regarding the

attitude we will embrace for that day’—- Charles R. Swindoll



Happy new year to everyone. Our value for the month of January is Positivity and it is great to see everyone having such a positive attitude at the moment and returning to school with lots of new energy and ready to begin again. This is the first of our regular newsletters and we are giving every child a hard copy to take home as it contains some important items of information for your attention. We will continue to do our best to ensure regular communication from the school as your involvement in your child’s education and in the life of the school is really important to us. Almost all of our communication will be via email through the Aladdin system. Our Aladdin records show that while emails may be reaching people very many emails are not opened. I would really encourage you to keep in touch with what’s happening in the school by reading all the bits and pieces of information contained in our emails which are circulated on a regular basis. If you are having difficulties getting emails please let us know by sending in your email address to Veronica in the office. All addresses should be written in capital letters to ensure clarity.







Afterschool Activities


Our afterschool activities will begin next week. It is great to see so many different activities organised for the children and we hope that your child will find something of interest in the schedule.  Please keep the schedule to hand for reference. On the reverse of the sheet you will find the schedule for Gymnastics which has some changes from the normal running schedule. Gabrielle our Chess teacher is on holiday at the moment but as soon as she is available we will let you know.


Driving Safely


Unfortunately over the past week, we have been witnessing extremely dangerous driving outside the school, which is putting our children’s safety at risk.


While we understand the difficulties with parking and the pressures people may be under particularly in the morning, we can never ever compromise on children’s safety. Parents and Carers have a responsibility to keep all children safe on their way to and from school.  Please take the time to read the Driving and Parking Guidelines for our school and the reasoning behind each of these guidelines. While you may consider your child is safe getting out of your car, other children may be put at risk by cars overtaking your car and it also causes a build up of traffic adding to the stress of other drivers. We ask for your support also in reminding your child  that they only enter and exit the school grounds via the pedestrian entrance closest to where they live. Thank you for your continued support and let’s work together to ensure everyone has a safe year ahead.


Pets in School Grounds


We are aware that many children are enjoying the company of new pets  they received over the holidays! We would like to remind everyone that dogs/cats are not allowed in the school grounds as some children are fearful of dogs they don’t know and there is the additional problem of excrement in the school grounds. The only exception to this is where Parents have been authorised to bring in service dogs for their child.


A reminder that the school will close at 1.15 p.m. for all classes on Wednesday January 24th for a Staff Meeting. Marie Caren’s dancing will go ahead as usual on that day.


Very best wishes to everyone for a very happy and healthy new year.




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