Our school community is at all times child-centred: each child‘s ability, needs, pace of learning and individuality are recognized and respected. Each is encouraged and supported to develop to their maximum potential.

Child-centredness is fundamental to our school and this principle is established as a legal obligation on the Board of Management (BOM), i.e., in all decisions or projects approved by the Board, the developmental needs of the children must be its first priority. It is our aim that all activities and projects that the children engage in within the school, or in relation to the school,are at all times child-centred and age appropriate.

Positive illustrations of child-centred practice

(a) Within our classrooms
(b) In our broader school life
(c) Our after-school activities and clubs
(d) Our child-centred policies
(e) Child-centred formal practices
(f) Maximizing our ability to meet the needs of all children
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