Amber Flag

In Lucan Educate Together, we are undertaking The Amber Flag initiative. This is awarded by Pieta to schools and organisations for positively promoting mental health.

Our Wellbeing Committee is made up of members of staff and our Student Council representatives from all classes in our school.

We carried out an audit in our school in September and we noticed all of the things that we already do in our school to promote positive mental health!  We set a number of mental health awareness goals in the school.

Our aims and objectives are:

  • We created and aim to develop Our Amber Flag noticeboard in the school. This promotes positive mental health strategies. Our Student Council created posters on the Amber Flag noticeboard in the school hall. The amber flag notice board helps us to raise awareness in our school community and reminds us of the things that we can do to look after our wellbeing.
  • We plan to launch a fundraising event for Pieta House – ‘Buddy Day’, with lots of fun activities with our friends. This will take place on Friday Feb 2nd.
  • We hope to engage in a positive mental Health / Wellbeing Week to promote positive mental health in our school. There will be Zumba, Hip hop mindfulness and yoga for staff and students and a selection of activities with a different focus for each day during our wellbeing week.
  • We began Mindful Mondays and Feelgood Fridays. Every Monday in our school we have Mindful Monday. We take time to breathe meditate and practice some mindfulness in the school. Every Friday is ” Feel Good Friday” at LETNS. We love to move to music on the yard and we have golden time in the afternoons and this gives everybody ‘that Friday feeling’. Classes are enjoying morning meetings and circle time too where we share how we are feeling with each other.
  • We aim to promote positive mental health and wellbeing through literacy. On World Book Day, all classes will have new books for the classes with a focus on the theme of positive mental health and wellbeing. We are looking forward to reading these books including “The chill Skill” and “How full is your bucket?”

Next Friday our school will be participating in ‘Buddy Day’ This is our Pieta house fundraiser as part of The Amber Flag.

Here is a padlet with ideas for you to try at home.

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