Homework Help

Homework Help


Here are videos demonstating how to help your children with maths homework.


Homework Routines 

Tasks are easiest to accomplish when tied to specific routines. By establishing daily routines for homework completion, you will not only make homework go more smoothly, but you will also be fostering a sense of order you can apply to later life, including college and work.

  1. Step 1. Find a location in the house where homework will be done. The right location will depend on you and your family. Some children like to work in the quiet of their bedroom others like to have someone close by if they need help.  Pick a space that suits you.
  2. Step 2. Set up a homework center. This is where you’ll find all the things you need for completing your homework, pens, pencils, rulers and rubbers are all there ready for you.  Maybe even dictionaries or thesaurus or other reference books that might prove useful.
  3. Step 3. Establish a homework time. Try to get into the habit of always doing your homework at the same time each day.  Straight after school, when dinner is finished, after football training, whatever works best for your family but if it becomes part of your day it will be easier.
  4. Step 4. Establish a daily homework schedule. It often works best to set up a pattern for homework, written work first then spellings and tables last, for example.  You could practice your spellings or tables with your brother or sister, maybe you could read on the couch with your dog!
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