Interactive Whiteboard Safety Statement (pdf, 198kb)

Acceptable Use of Internet (pdf, 72kb)

Anti-Bullying policy (pdf, 260kb)

Administration of Medicines Policy 2015 (pdf, 240kb)

Mobile Phones Policy 2015 (pdf, 164kb)

 Critical Incident Policy (pdf, 254kb)

Learning Support policy 2015 (pdf, 300kb)

Homework Policy (pdf, 500kb)

 Code of behaviour Policy (pdf, 383kb)

Data Protection Policy (pdf, 410kb)

 Data Access Request Form (pdf, 623kb)

SNA Policy 2016 (pdf, 420kb)

Garda Vetting Policy (pdf, 470kb)

Healthy Eating Policy (pdf, 202kb)

EAL Policy (pdf, 123kb)

Safety Statment (pdf, 522kb)

Hall Hire Policy (pdf, 995kb)

Parental Volunteer Policy (pdf, 822kb)

Attendance Strategy Statement  (pdf, 306kb)

Enrolment Policy (pdf, 669kb)

Child-Safeguarding Risk-Assessment (pdf, 958kb)