Board of Management

Board of Management


The BOM is a democratically elected committee, consisting of eight members who serve for 4 years:

  • The Principal

  • The Chairperson selected by the Executive

  • A member of the teaching staff, elected by staff

  • 2 parent representatives, elected by the PTA

  • 1 direct nominee of the Executive Committee

  • 2 independent representatives nominated and elected by the other 6 members.

The Chairperson of the BOM is one of the Executive’s nominees. A secretary and a treasurer are elected from within the Board of Management

The current Board of Management, as at December 2015, is:




Mary Tuohy


Tina Stallard

Parents Nominee

Leigh Ann Gilmore

Community Rep

David Fennell

Executive Nominee (Patron)

Barbara Sharkey

Staff Nominee

Thérése Hesse

Parents Nominee

Mike Grogan

Community Rep

Niambh Doolan

The Board of Management can be contacted by email: Email BOM