Board of Management

Board of Management


The BOM is a democratically elected committee, consisting of eight members who serve for 4 years:

  • The Principal

  • The Chairperson selected by the Executive

  • A member of the teaching staff, elected by staff

  • 2 parent representatives, elected by the PTA

  • 1 direct nominee of the Executive Committee

  • 2 independent representatives nominated and elected by the other 6 members.

The Chairperson of the BOM is one of the Executive’s nominees. A secretary and a treasurer are elected from within the Board of Management

The current Board of Management, as at December 2019, is:




Ultan Casey

Chairperson  (Interim)

Clair Fitzpatrick

Parents Nominee

Clair Mordue

Community Rep & Secretary to the Board

Leigh Ann Gilmore

Executive Nominee (Patron) & Treasurer

Alexandra Cappigny

Staff Nominee

Thérése Hesse

Parents Nominee

Michael Lantry

Community Rep

Ravinder Singh Oberoi

The Board of Management can be contacted by email: Email BOM

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