Executive Committee


The BOM is a democratically elected committee, consisting of eight members who serve for 4 years:

The Lucan Educate Together Association is the patron body of our school.  Membership of the Association is open to all members of our school and the wider community.
The Association is run by the Executive Committee, which is elected at an annual AGM.  Members are elected for two years and, if re-elected, may serve for a maximum of four years.  The committee consists of nine members:  a Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, and six ordinary members.


More details on the Association and Committee can be found in this presentation:

The 2014/15 Executive Committee is:



Chairperson: Carl Allen
Secretary: Alexandra Cappigny
Ordinary Member: John Collins
Yvonne O’ Neill
Liesel Reeves Moran
Ansam Alzubaidi
Valentin Chukkov
Anirudh Tyagi
Teacher Representative: Caroline McConnell
Sheena Mc Crory

The Executive Committee can be contacted by email: Email Executive Committee