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Sharon’s second Class

Here are some photos of Sharon’s 2nd Class. Second class did projects on plants from their ancestor’s original homes. They wrote about the plants in English, Irish and in our mother tongue. W

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Sharon’s 2nd Class Museum Tour

Sharon’s Second Class had a fantastic time visiting the National Museum recently. Here are a few of our highlights. We also had a great time this week making chocolate apples for Halloween. We hope you all have a great mid term break.

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Digital Learning Framework Parent Survey

The Digital Learning Framework for Primary Schools is designed to help schools manage transformation of Teaching and Learning with digital technology. The Framework was published to help schools and teachers to up skill in order to effectively apply digital technologies to the learning process. It will also guide school...

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Making Waves in 2nd Class

Karen’s 2nd class were inspired by Hokusai’s ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’. We re-created this piece of art work and explored warm colours and cool colours and perspective. We really enjoyed creating these, take a look at them below.

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